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blog_affidabileThe most enjoyable part of keeping a WordPress blog, to my mind, is checking your blog’s statistics to see where in the world your most recent readers live. Although many of my international readers probably lack enough facility with English to leave their comments, and some may come upon my blog accidentally, they’re still my readers, or at least my brief visitors. It’s nice to know that in some slight way my blogging may be affecting lives all over the world.

I’m musing about what an international free-for-all blogging has become because of my two recent nominations for blogging awards. Both nominations are from “allotment” gardeners (which means, I think, that they have community garden plots), but one is in Australia and the other in Britain. And one of the awards apparently originated in Italy.

I’ve reluctantly turned down the Very Inspiring Blogging Award, because it would have required my answering a lot of questions and finding fifteen other bloggers to nominate. But I’ll happily accept Il Blog Affidabile, “The Reliable Blog” award.

Un Blog Affidabile must fit this description:

1. The blog is updated regularly.
2. The blogger shows genuine passion for the topic.
3. The blogger promotes the sharing and the active participation of readers.
4. The blogger provides content and information which is useful and original.
5. The blog is not packed with too much advertising.

A winning blogger must do the following:
1. Thank the nominating blogger and provide a link to that person’s blog.
2. Add the Affidabile logo to the winning blog, in a post, widget, or page.
3. Describe when and why the blog was begun.
4. Nominate five other blogs for the award.
5. Let the bloggers know they have been nominated.

To meet the latter criteria, I offer the following information:

The Gardener’s Table was nominated for Il Blog Affidabile by Debbi Love. At digginwivdebb, you can learn about what Debbi has been growing in her allotment.

I started this blog about three years ago. Besides serving the purpose described under “About This Blog,” it is a repository of material for future editions of my preserving books and, possibly, other future books.

All but one of the blogs I’m about to nominate is international in one way or another. Allison of Spontaneous Tomato writes about the foods of the various countries she has lived in and visited, in Asia, Europe, and elsewhere. Ting Gough of Playing with Food was born in Laos, grew up in various Asian countries, and now writes about preparing the food she grows in New Hampshire. Meg Bortin of Everyday French Chef is a long-time American journalist living in Paris and Burgundy who writes about French home cooking. Kate of Kate’s Creative Space is a young, British, new-and-improved Martha Stewart. Most foreign of all the bloggers in this bunch, to me, is the American who has always lived in America: Green Deane of Eat the Weeds. Through his blog he shares his amazing store of knowledge about the edible wild plants of Florida, which to someone from the Pacific Northwest is a very exotic place. Please check out each of these blogs. You’ll find them most affidabile.

5 thoughts on “Un Blog Affidabile”

  1. Hi Linda, I always enjoy your posts. I liked your recommendation of Meg Bortin’s Everday French chef – do you know her? If so, what a coincidence – I live in Paris part of the year; Portland the rest of the time (I took your canning and preserving course through PCA about a year ago). Anyway, I know Meg slightly and agree that her blog is very good – my daughter has subscribed. All the best, Mary

  2. Dear Linda — and Mary! Many thanks for the vote of confidence. I am very happy to be friends with two Oregonians, and fellow creators in the blogosphere, who share my interest in wonderful food. Hands across the water, or across town. All best, Meg

  3. If I am not mistaken (and I don’t think I am…) one of those allotments is Jean from Brisbane Australia? I have been following your blog since I saw it mentioned on her wonderful blog and enjoy every post that you post. We live in Tasmania Australia so you can add that to your collective tally although I am not too sure whether most of the natives here speak “english” with anything other than a very Aussie twang! 😉 Congratulations on being nominated for your blogging awards, your blog is a really good read 🙂

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