Oak Leaf Lettuce

Here’s an old gardener’s springtime favorite that you won’t find in an ordinary supermarket. As tender as butter lettuce, this lobed-leaf variety stands up better to heat and so can thrive into early summer without turning bitter. We’re eating it every day, sometimes twice a day, knowing that if really hot weather ever comes this year we’ll eat no more lettuce until fall.

Dress a bowl of this lettuce lightly, with a dash of vinegar, a couple of dashes of oil, and a little salt and pepper. A bit of minced fresh tarragon is nice, too.

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  1. Good fresh lettuce is something I REALLY miss up here in the Arctic. Sturdy, dependable iceberg lettuce is all we seem to get.

  2. Your Oak Leaf is stunning! I kept picking the little bit I had earlier thus it was small. It’s always nice to get the low down and info here- didn’t know about it not turning bitter.

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