Win Canning Jars, Lids, and The Joy of Jams!

Fillmore jars
Fruits of the season in Fillmore Container jars

Today marks the start of a contest for a set of gifts from Fillmore Container: a dozen  straight-sided, slightly tapered, unembossed half-pint jelly jars; a dozen one-piece caps in the winner’s choice of color; and a copy of The Joy of Jams, Jellies, and Other Sweet Preserves, my guide to making all kinds of traditional sweet preserves in traditional ways, without added pectin.

The canning jars are just like half-pint Ball and Kerr jars except that there are no lumpy parts to avoid when affixing a label. Unlike Ball and Kerr jars, these jars come in a box with top flaps, which you can fold down to protect your preserves from dust and light when you store and transport them.

Fillmore jar lidsThe caps come in three colors: gold, silver, and white (black ones aren’t currently available but will be later this year). The raised center of each cap makes the vacuum seal easy to see. The sealing ring is white, as is the rest of the cap’s underside. Called Plastisol, the sealing compound is appropriate for both boiling-water canning and pressure-canning. The lids should be briefly soaked in hot water to soften the Plastisol before they are screwed on to the jars.

Because people who don’t do their own canning are often flummoxed by flat jar lids, one-piece caps are nice to have when you’re planning to sell your preserves or give them to friends or relatives. And I’m especially pleased that I can place a 2 ½-inch round label on top of one of these caps without some of the type ending up covered by a ring.

Only U.S. residents are eligible for this contest. To enter, simply append a comment to this post by June 3. A winner will be chosen at random the next day.

By the way, you can probably tell from the top photo that it’s rhubarb season in my garden. The recipes for Rhubarb-Rose Jam and Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam are from The Joy of Jams, except that for this batch of Rhubarb-Rose I increased the quantity of rose petals (from pink-flowered rugosas) to 4 ounces, with a beautifully colorful result. For another idea about what to do with all that rhubarb, see my recipe for Blueberry-Rhubarb Jam, in my guest blog post on the Fillmore Container site.

219 thoughts on “Win Canning Jars, Lids, and The Joy of Jams!”

  1. I would love to win those jars. I also put the canning info on the top of the jar due to the jar labeling. What a good idea!

  2. I LOVE your books! It always gives me a new perspective on how to make something I wouldn’t have thought to make otherwise.

  3. Those jars look great! I use the Ball jars because they’re widely available and I can buy them as I need them, but printing all the info required on a label that fits on the lid is tough (esp. with the ring). So is cutting out circular labels. I would love to sell jams with labels on the jars themselves, impossible with the embossed jars. I already have a copy of your Joy of Jams and love it, though my copy of the Joy of Pickling is an older one.

  4. ooohhhh…i’d love some fillmore jars, and a copy of your wonderful book!! i always enjoy your blog and your information. thank you!

  5. ooohhhh….i’d love some fillmore jars and a copy of your wonderful book! thank you for all the fantastic information you provide!

  6. Who doesn’t need more jars! Thanks for the offer. Way down here in Atlanta, the strawberries have been a few weeks, blueberries just in, and now the earliest peaches (can hardly believe it since the weather hasn’t been that warm this Spring). Happy canning ahead!

  7. I’d love to try these jars, and learn recipes for jam that don’t call for pectin. Our family has a small farm; we are in our second full season, and it looks like the wild berries are going to be plentiful again. Last year the blackberries and elderberries were very good to us. I’m also trying Wonderberries (also known as sunberries) this season, and it looks as though I will be swimming in them. Sure would love to gift some jam to friends and family in those jars.

  8. What a good idea! My town had a potluck dinner and we were assigned cheese. I brought canned goods (pickled golden beets, mint pickled onion rings, onion-ale relish, and pickled carrots) to go with the cheese. I asked my husband to pack and carry the jars (I have a fractured elbow). When we got there, we realized he forgot to bring the rings so we could take the leftovers home! Your lids would have solved the problem.

  9. I’d love to get ahold of some of those jars and your Jams book, I have your Joy of Preserving and LOVE it, the Rhubarb Rose Petal Jam sounds heavenly! Love your Blog!!

  10. I love making jam with rhubarb– it ends up as supporting cast to strawberries, raspberries, cherries, grapefruit, etc. often in my kitchen. I made rhubarb preserves with rosewater last year and liked it very much. will be excited to try your recipe with rose petals!

  11. I love using my grandmother’s blue ball jars but labeling them not so much. I would happily find another use for them. Your book arrives tomorrow.

  12. Both the idea of no raised lettering on the jar and the one piece lid appeal to me. I’d love to put some jelly in those jars 🙂

  13. I am a new follower of your blog and I am loving what I read. I have never heard of these jars before and would love try them.

  14. The lids are genius. I really don’t know why Ball jars (and all the jar maufacturers) don’t make straight sided jars and one piece lids. I love this idea.

  15. I’ve seen your work referenced numerous times on some canning forums that I frequent; lots of positive comments about your recipes. I think I’ve found a new favorite blog. 🙂 I’d love to win a copy of your book, and face it….what canning enthusiast can’t use more jars? 😉

  16. I can always use more canning jars, and the one piece lids sound interesting…never used them before!

  17. Would love to try these jars. Our canning season here in SC is well underway for us. We made 96
    4 ounce jars of Strawberry Jam to give as favors for her October wedding. We will also be making
    Blueberry Chutney and Cranberry Conserve for holiday gifts. I want to try your recipe for Blueberry-Rhubarb Jam.

  18. Just planted strawberries a couple of weeks ago, but rhubarb is in full swing. Thanks for the recipes and the chance to win some jars.

  19. It’s rhubarb season in my garden right now, too. Your jars look lovely!

    I am intrigued by the pectin-free jams and jellies. I haven’t made very many of those in the past, usually it’s been only fruit butters without pectin. I’m anxious to check out your book.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. I am excited to hear of a new recipe book of jams and a new type of jars, I will be making rhubarb ginger jam tomorrow,

  21. Love new canning jars. Already elbow deep in canning this spring, and teaching how to a new generation.

  22. I just came in from picking a big bag of dandelions to make jelly! I could always use a few more jars!

  23. I stumbled upon your blog but now I need to get the recipe for rhubarb-blueberry jam – rhubarb is ready for picking and I’ve got blueberries in the freezer from last year that need to get used!

  24. Pick me! I’ve never tried one piece lids. I prefer to label on the lid too so I can throw it away and not have to scrape sticky residue off of jars.

  25. Just spent the morning planting and weeding. I’ll harvest strawberries this afternoon. Jam season is here!

  26. I love your jam recipes and appreciate anything rhubarb as my garden is producing way too much to eat in cobblers etc.

  27. I found your site from a link over at Food In Jars. I’m an avid home canner and would love to try out the Fillmore jars and lids. I am excited to click around your site and get some new ideas! Especially the rugosa rose recipes!

  28. Linda, I’ve NEVER canned. I’ve always worked full time plus outside of the home, with way too many things in my schedule to even think about food preservation in any terms other than a freezer bag! Not so any longer. I’m home full time now, with canning being high on my list of new skills to learn, beginning with this year’s crop of San Marzanos.
    That, and I’m out of marmalade…

  29. Love canning and preserving and this blog. Would very much appreciate winning the jars and the cookbook.

  30. I’m just learning to can and would love to try some recipes that don’t use pectin. Thanks for this offer!

  31. Really cool jars! I’ve just found a recipe for rhubarb fizz & rhubarb ginger preserves that I’m dying to try. The latter would be perfect for the jars!

  32. I am a terrible labeler–I make obscure scribbles on masking tape and my husband chides me over the mystery jams we find in our pantry (hmm, dark purple…could that be the last of the gooseberry jam from 2002…?). I always resolve to do better. Your labels are inspirational, and I especially like the idea of labeling the top of the jar, since that’s what I can see when I look into the fridge.

  33. One can never have enough jars. I received a pressure canner from my hubby for Christmas- YEAH! I love canning new recipes from jams to relish and everything in between. I am constantly trying to come up with new twists on recipes if we have even the smallest of leftover produce. My hubby has stated nothing is safe in the house if it sits more than 10 minutes..LOL. Writing the needed information on the labels is very challenging. Your labeling idea is great. Would love to have some cans and your book. Love your blog. Thank you for the offer.

  34. Rhubarb Rose jam sounds so good! I would also like to try some pectin free recipes, and who doesn’t always need more jars?!

  35. Just got The Joy of Pickling and would love to own The Joy of Jams as well! And more jars are always welcome.

  36. I just visited Portland and saw your pickling book on sale at Powell’s. I was so tempted to get another copy or two to gift to future preservers but restrained myself.

  37. I would love to win the jars and the book. I’ve been frustrated by the bumps on Ball jars when affixing a label, and a different lid would be really fun to work with. I’m trying to figure out what to enter in the county fair this year, and I would also really love to read your book! I lean strongly towards no added pectin, but typically just go by feel. Sometimes the results are a little sloppy, but they taste great! Thank you for the great giveaway.

  38. Sweet, simple jars. And once I make it through my current supplies of pectin, I am hoping to do more jamming without it.

  39. The rhubarb is almost ready in the garden! Yea…so much jam to make…so little time! have to try these jars and lids.

  40. These look great! I’m new to these jars and have no idea where to get them. I’m looking forward to this summer – the Rhubarb Rose Jam sounds delightful. Thank you for the opportunity!

  41. I’ve read your books and would love to own one. I wish these jars were widely available, alas, I have not found them anywhere.

  42. Those one piece looks look GREAT for items being gifted!! I dipped my toes (and fingers…) into sweet preserving last year and loved it – can’t wait to expand it this year ; )

  43. Your pickling book was truly inspiring, bet your take on jams and jellies is too!

    Also, could you tell us bit more about properly using one-piece lids… they would add a real professional touch to gifts, but I find my self a bit intimidated about venturing beyond the 2 piece ones.


    1. There’s really no secret to using these one-piece caps. They screw on just like Ball and Kerr bands; they release air bubbles during processing; and they flatten as they form a vacuum seal. As with Ball and Kerr lids, you can test the seal by lightly pressing on the top.

  44. I canned relish and pickles for the first time last year and plan on making jams and preserves this summer…I would love to win your book….thank you.

  45. I’ve never used one-piece lids before, but they sound like a great time saver. Too bad I don’t have them today. I’m canning two small batches of jams for my annual garden tea party.

  46. stumbled over here from Food in Jars, lovely to meet you! I’m only just now getting into jams and jellies, so smaller jars, like these, would be most welcome.

  47. How clever to think of the need for easy labelling! True, I don’t preserve enough to have trouble finding the jar I want now, but that could change (especially with your book in hand….).

  48. Nice to know about these jars! They are prettier for giving as gifts and would surely make labeling easier.

  49. Ooo, one-piece lids and smooth jars! I admit, I don’t do the labels, I just write on the glass with a sharpie – it washes off, but not too easily.

  50. Oh yay!! I just love finding new gardening/canning bloggers!! It just tickles me to pieces.. 🙂
    Looking forward to more!! Love the looks of those jars & the sounds of those jams.. I just might have to give one of them a shot.. I’ve got quite a bit just needing something to be done with. 😉

  51. I never tried one piece lids before but am willing to try. Heck, I never canned anything before 2011 so I’m still learning.

  52. These jars look wonderful. I have never seen them before and would love to try them out. I like a company that thinks of the details. I am up to my ears in rhubarb too!

  53. I’ve never seen canning jars that don’t have a 2 piece lid. Can the lids be reused? Sadly I do not like rhubarb. I never could get used to the flavor.

  54. My Joy of Pickling is water spotted and well marked. Would love a chance to do the same with your new book! Thanks for your expertise.

  55. I’m really looking forward to making more jams and jellies as the fresh fruits start to arrive in the farmer’s markets. I would love to use these jars!

  56. Love everything about this – the contest, the details of those Fillmore jars which I’ve wanted to try, the reminder of how the Ball jar boxes used to have flaps (my mother and I both still have a few of those boxes floating around), the rhubarb love – everything!

  57. Love your Blog.
    I would Love to try these jars.
    It’s rhubarb season here! And rhubarb jam sounds yummy!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  58. I just recently started canning, and I’m especially interested in learning to can without adding pectin, so your giveaway is so perfect!

  59. Thank you for offering. I have one smooth sided jar I must have gotten from somebody. That type of jar is may favorite for some reason.

  60. This would be a wonderful gift since I just started canning and need jars and recipes to experiment with 😉 In one weekend I have made 6 different batches of jam/preserves I am loving it!

  61. I have seen the one piece lids before, but I have heard they are harder to use then the two piece, is that true?

    1. Using flat lids and rings isn’t difficult, but using one-piece caps is even easier; you just screw them on. Note that these one-piece caps aren’t lug lids, the typical commercial kind, which grasp onto short threads on the jar. Some home canners may have had trouble with lug lids (though I haven’t).

  62. Yours is on my list for the next preserving book to buy–I have JOP and have had this one out of the library–I didn’t know you could buy one-piece lids, how cool1

  63. I am so fearful of trying to can anything and am hoping that this wonderful book will give me the push to try something new. I am missing out on so many wonderful recipes.

  64. Brand new to your blog and brand new to canning. I have several friends who love to can and I have told them that this is the year that I will join in their ranks! I am looking forward to canning tomatoes from our garden and making jams/jellies. I would love to win your giveaway!
    Thanks for all the information you impart with each post. Happy canning :0)

  65. I am very excited to find a rhubarb jam recipe. I just moved into a new house that has 5 plants ready to be harvested.

  66. I am new to canning, pickling and preserving but thankful that my interest is peaked when so much wonderful help and guidance is easily available. Many thanks!

  67. I love the smooth sided jars. Have some but could always use more . . . I can always find someone to give a jar of jelly or jam to.

  68. Thanks to Marisa I found your lovely blog. I am newer to canning and have never tried the one piece lid. Strawberry season has started in PA and I can’t wait to make my first batch of jam. Thank you for your insight.

  69. Last year I thought I had plenty of small jars. After ‘gifting’ so many, I find I’ll need more before the summer is over. I love smooth jars! Thanks for pointing the way to them.

  70. I didn’t know it was possible to buy or can with one piece jars. I also didn’t know about any other brands of jars other than Kerr or Ball. I guess that is all that is usually sold around here. Thanks for the info! And I love your blog!

  71. Love the one piece lids and your blog! Just starting to learn about canning Picked up your book Joy of Preserving and would love the jam book too. Wish now that I had paid more attention to my Grandma.

  72. Hi Linda, my first comment! I’ve been reading for a long while (since well before I lived in Oregon). Thank you for the givaway!

  73. Rhubarb and rose petals- what a lovely combination. I’ve made rhubarb ginger jam before, but the ginger was a little overpowering.

  74. I am a previous canner that is returning to the craft for economic and health reasons. I would love to have some of the straight sided jars as I plan on cooking up a few items for gifts and holidays. As I am a senior on a fixed income please consider me. I also love the one piece lids and would love your new book.

  75. Intend to try blueberry rhubarb soon..would love to try these jars with one piece lids. I do hope they make the lovely “pinging ” sound…one of the most satisfying parts of the canning process.

  76. Linda, you constantly amaze me with your culinary curiosity – and knowledge! Thanks for all the inspiration and excellent books and recipes~

  77. I just discovered your blog today. It will be so fun to go back and read all of the posts! Those jars would be so cool. I love it the smooth sides. Nice. Your rhubarb and rose jam reminds me of a Victorian Mother’s Day Tea I attended one year. They served a rhubarb and rose petal jam on tiny scones. Delicious. I would love to make some myself.

  78. I just started making marmalade and jam this year and I love the process! Why didn’t I discover this years ago?

  79. I just found your blog. It is nice to find someone who shares your passion for jam and jelly. I would really like to have some of these jars and a copy of a copy of The Joy of Jams, Jellies, and Other Sweet Preserves.

  80. I have appropriated a couple lids like these from the honey we get from the local honey man made from the bees he keeps on our property (TMI?) and we love them. Could really use some more. Always looking for jam and jelly recipes that use unusual ingredients like rhubarb and elderberries.

  81. Hope to see those jars, lids, and wonderful book sitting next to my canning paraphernalia this year. Thank you for the chance.

  82. OMG! I live for rhubarb season. I’m a purist I like just plain rhubarb, not diluted with anything. I would love to learn how to preserve it so I could have it all year. Last year the season went on for ever and this year it came and has already gone. I’m trying to grow my own and I know that sounds crazy, but it is not popular here on the West Coast. I was introduced to it by my grandmother who was from the mid-west. Thanks for the opportunity to win some canning goodies!

    1. Actually, Oregon and Washington are two of the three top rhubarb-producing states; Michigan is the third. And my family always grew rhubarb while I was growing up in California.

  83. Oh, I wish I could grow rhubarb! It never seems to flourish in our wet clay soil – maybe I should try a raised bed and some different soil. Great giveaway; thanks for the opportunity to win.

  84. I love this time of year, being inspired to preserve as much as I can, with fresh, local fruits and veggies. I am intrigued by your book of preserving without pectin…..would love to add those to some staple recipes I use now. Thanks for the opportunity!

  85. I love the idea of canning with flowers, but I don’t have a garden. Thoughts about where do get food grade flowers?

    1. I love to use wild roses. Depending on where you live, they may grow in public parks and on public right-of-ways. Pick those farthest from the road, especially if it’s busy. If any plants look yellow and withered, avoid them; they may have been hit with herbicide.

  86. My blackberry bushes are setting tons of fruit this year and my strawberries are crazy-prolific. Wonderful new recipies and these jars would be so welcome. Thanks for the opportunity!

  87. I love making jams as well as pickles…these jars and lids sound like they solve some of my problems. I will certainly be looking for these. As well as hoping to win the giveaway! Thank you for your blog and this opportunity.

  88. Linda,

    When I first saw these jars at Filmore, I wanted to order them badly, but the shipping cost to Oregon was high. Do you know if any stores in Oregon carry these?

    Thanks, and I love your blog!

    1. I’m sorry, Kaity, but I don’t know of any stores that carry these jars or this sort of one-piece cap. I hope someone who does will share the information here.

  89. I’d love to win this, we started canning fruit last year. We made concord grape jam with fruit from our garden, it tasted amazing! We also made strawberry preserves from our garden, only have a couple of jars left. Luckily the strawberries are just about ready, hopefully we have enough for eating and canning!

  90. Nice! I treated myself to The Joy of Pickling last year and it saw a LOT of use. Easily one of my favorite cookbooks. I would love to add this book (and a dozen of those great jars) to the collection now that rhubarb season is upon us and red currants are not far behind!

  91. Beauties. And the thought of Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam makes me giddy. Truly worthy of such fine jars.

  92. Hi Linda! We just came across your blog and it is great. We are two college students managing the Lewis & Clark college campus gardens for the summer in Portland. One of our primary goals this summer is to delve into the world of canning/preserving the food we grow. Your posts are very motivating and we will definitely be following your blog for tips!

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