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My First Dandelion Wine

The last day of March dawned clear and breezy, and the grass all around was spotted yellow. The day was perfect for picking dandelions. Ever since I was twelve years old, when I read Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine, I’d thought … Continue reading

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The Modern Hunter-Gatherer

“There is a saving streak of the primitive in all of us,” wrote Euell Gibbons, who introduced the art of foraging to the citified masses in the 1960s and 1970s. Hunting was as popular a sport then as now, but … Continue reading

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The Oregon Grape

Wild Fruit for a Tart and Tasty Jelly In the woods one day, my friend Jocelyn saw me eat an Oregon grape, tried one herself, and screamed. I was unfazed; just after my daughter, not yet two years old, had … Continue reading

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A Good Weed: Sheep Sorrel

    A few days ago, while tearing up the sorrel that had invaded my rhubarb bed, I took care to separate the leaves from the creeping roots. The roots I left on the ground to rot; the leaves I … Continue reading

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Sugared Violets

While the violets continue to bloom, my daughter, Rebecca, suggested I describe how to candy them. Here’s what to do. Pick 50 or so sweet violets, each with a bit of stem. If you can’t candy them right away, keep … Continue reading

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Sweet Violet Syrup

  There is little as pleasantly startling as the scent of blooming violets on a cold day in early spring. The little purple flowers have spread so thickly through my front lawn over the years that I now have nearly … Continue reading

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