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Kohlrabi Kraut Again, with Sea Vegetable

At the Good Food Awards blind tastings on September 15, my favorite sauerkraut was flecked with bits of green seaweed, whose tangy flavor and as well as strong color complemented the pale, sour cabbage.* So when I made my last … Continue reading

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La Cuisine Rose

I have a longstanding horror of the all-white meal—the epitome of domestic artistry in the late nineteenth century, when American housewives drowned meat and vegetables in white sauce and favored angel cake and whipped cream for dessert. When I find … Continue reading

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Eradication by Mastication

At the Invasive Species Cook-Off and Dinner at Chintiminti Farm, in Philomath, Oregon, I did my part in destroying alien invaders yesterday. While chefs Jason Biga, Rick Browne, and Hamid Serdani competed to cook the winning meal of wild pig, … Continue reading

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Oregon Grape Jam

Jelly isn’t much in style these days, I’ve noticed. Many people consider it too sweet, otherwise bland, and nearly devoid of nutritional value. I feel that way about many kinds of jelly myself. Who would choose strawberry jelly over strawberry … Continue reading

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Citron Melon Again, for Dessert

Every day this winter I’ve eyed my citron melons in the entry hall, admiring their summery beauty and wondering how long they would keep. Some people say they store well for a whole year, but I’m guessing that’s true only … Continue reading

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Un Blog Affidabile

The most enjoyable part of keeping a WordPress blog, to my mind, is checking your blog’s statistics to see where in the world your most recent readers live. Although many of my international readers probably lack enough facility with English … Continue reading

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Gauging the Gages

While picking apples yesterday I noticed that most of the leaves had blown off one of my greengage trees, the one that grew up from the rootstock of a dead nectarine tree. Among all my Prunus trees, this one’s fruits … Continue reading

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The New Queen Must Be Laying

Such a loud hum came from my favorite cherry tree yesterday that I thought I had a swarm on my hands. But on this sunny spring morning the bees were only happily collecting food for their babies. Like the forager … Continue reading

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Tasting Dandelion Wine

Yesterday my husband brought me a glass of the dandelion wine we made last April.  It’s a lovely brew, gently aromatic from the citrus and ginger, and sweet with residual sugar. I think I now know what the dandelions are … Continue reading

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Pickled Chanterelles

At the start of mushroom season in western Oregon, I was lucky enough to take a gathering trip in the Willamette National Forestwith employees of the Sweet Home Ranger District, who had scouted out a good site beforehand. Yellow and … Continue reading

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