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Bartering for New Tastes

Last Sunday I attended my first food swap, at an alpaca farm on Rodgers Mountain. In this first-time swap in a quiet corner of the Willamette Valley, only seven households participated, but we needed no more. I’d been afraid that … Continue reading

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Dilly Umbels

People who don’t keep gardens often ask me what a dill head is. One of the copy editors for The Joy of Pickling didn’t know. I tried the word umbel on her. Its meaning seems obvious when you consider that … Continue reading

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A Good Use for a Glut of Coriander: Green Chutney from India

When we call an edible green plant an herb, we usually mean that we use it in small quantities, for extra flavor in a prepared dish or even just as a decorative garnish. But some herbs, such as parsley, mint, … Continue reading

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Hop Shoots for Dinner

Yesterday, incredibly, the sun shone nearly all day, and the earth dried out enough for me to pull the grass from around our hop plant. I found some hop shoots as tall as a foot and many others barely out … Continue reading

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Peppermint for Tea

One of my favorite things about summer is the smell of peppermint—from the fields, after a cutting; from the tubs full of fresh-chopped mint, as they’re trucked by our place on the way to the distillery; and even from the … Continue reading

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Linden Flower Tea

The linden trees are blooming, and the bees and I are grateful as ever for their profusion of fragrant flowers. My three lindens appear to be littleleaf, Tilia cordata, a species native to northern Europe. I can’t be sure, because … Continue reading

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Tabbouleh for a Warm Spring Day

During a long, cool spring, like the one we experienced in the Northwest last year and the one we’re grousing about now, the rare warm day is an occasion for celebration. In summer I often try to satisfy my craving … Continue reading

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To Candy Angelica

Very old preserving books always include candied angelica, and I wanted to continue this tradition in The Joy of Jams, Jellies, and Other Sweet Preserves. I ended up leaving out this herb, though, because I’d never managed to grow it. In … Continue reading

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Harvesting Love in a Mist

The Friends of the Library are coming tomorrow for a potluck. Tidy gardeners all, they are sure to frown on that patch of dried-out nigella stalks by the blueberries. This gives me extra incentive to harvest the seeds today. Nigella … Continue reading

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