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6 Responses to Shop for Books and Equipment

  1. Cathy Hackel says:

    Wondering about a 2-qt. jar for your “Basic Kimchi Recipe” (p.193-194) in the revised edition of “The Joy of Pickling.” I don’t want to buy an entire set of six 2-qt. jars when I only need one. Can I use TWO 1-qt. jars or does the recipe require a certain gross mass of ingredients for proper fermentation to occur?

    • Cathy, you can certainly use two 1-quart jars in place of one 2-quart jar. But keep in mind that you don’t need to use a mason jar (or two); any glass jar would do, as would a small pickling crock or even a food-grade plastic container.

  2. Pat Cummins says:

    Where in the valley are you able to find real apple cider vinegar? Richey’s used to carry it but they’re closed. I can’t seem to find it in gallon jugs. Thanks, Pat

    • Pat, I’m out of cider vinegar at the moment, so I can’t check the label. I know that last year I mostly used white wine vinegar, because the Four Monks brand of wine vinegar was available cheap at Mega Foods, a store that hasn’t carried gallon jugs of real cider vinegar for at least two years. Other stores in which I may have found cider vinegar are Safeway and Fred Meyer. If they don’t have it, a complaint to the management is in order.

      I must take this opportunity to condemn Heinz, whose fake-cider-vinegar label reads like this: “[in big letters] APPLE CIDER [in little letters] FLAVORED DISTILLED [big again] VINEGAR / 1869 / THE NATURAL CHOICE FOR FOOD.” Liars, liars!

  3. Rick Hamilton says:

    Last week I put up 6 12 oz. jars of pickled asparagus. Today I made my perfected spanish sauce, and was going to put the 6 pints in the water bath, and found my thermometer was off 20 degrees , reading higher than it actually was. That means the asparagus has to be redone, or put in the fridge. To get to the POINT: can you recommend a good thermometer for canning? Too many mediocre choices on Amazon, unless I spend $100.00. P.S. Thank you so much for your pickling and jam books. Best Ever!

    • Rick, I wish I could recommend a good thermometer! My favorite is a little CDN digital one, which has lasted several years. But heavy steam makes it fade out–though it does resume working within seconds. My husband thought I wouldn’t have this problem with a thermometer with a long probe, so he bought me one. With this thermometer, when the temperatures get high the readings become wildly inaccurate. We don’t understand why. The best advice I can give is to calibrate thermometers often and to use visual and auditory signals (e.g., the sound and sight of boiling) to judge temperatures.

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